Remembering Adam Yauch

MCA was always my favorite Beastie Boy. He was one of the people who inspired me to pick up a bass and pluck away until I was told to keep it down by our neighbors. I bought headphones and kept practicing. Yauch, along with Flea, Billy Gould and Les Claypool were my musical heroes growing up.

Check Your Head was my introduction to the Beastie Boys, and quite honestly it was like discovering a new drug.

My favorite track is:

I particularly love the line:

Everybody rappin’ like it’s a commercial, acting like life is a big commercial.


Gratitude features a grinding fuzz bass line by Yauch, and I was up all night trying to figure this one out on my four-string. This was pre-Internet and so I had to figure it out on my own. But that was half the fun! Great clip too:

It’s been a year since Yauch passed away from cancer of the parotid gland and lymph nodes. He was 47 and he still had a lot left to give to the world. The news shocked me as I was trying to keep up to date with his illness and thought he was in remission. I was wrong and the news of his passing hit me hard. He was a childhood hero that I still admired and looked up to as an adult. He inspired me musically and spiritually.

Namaste, Nathanial Hornblower.