A Lack of Hope


The image above represents the bane of my existence at present. Oh, I can readily acknowledge that this is the epitome of “first world problems” as you’d call them, but let’s not allow the buzzword of the day to diminish what has caused me a great amount of anguish for well over a month now.

For you see, I am stuck on Level 65 of Candy Crush Saga and it’s toying with my already frayed psyche (see my previous post “Pain” for details). I have the game on my iPad and Android phone and cannot advance past this level on either platform, and see no favorable end to this conundrum in the forseeable future. It would appear that I am destined to be stuck on this fucking level for the rest of my days.

Maybe this is a fitting metaphor for my life. Perhaps I am doomed to get to a certain level in life and that’s it. No chance for advancement, no matter how much I fight. Yes, it would seem that my destiny is to be trapped in that awful nebulous space known as The Middle. In reality, The Middle would be a nice level to aspire to, for a co-worker just informed me that Candy Crush has over 400 at present. And, like in life, I’ll get to make excuses to justify my failings. “The wrong combination of candies” is a common complaint of mine, which can also apply to my life in many ways. I blame circumstance and “wrong place, wrong time” for many of the errors and shortcomings in my life.  

I’ve successfully completed 16% of Candy Crush Saga, and I suspect if life indeed kept score I’d have a similar success rate in that area too.

Sad smiley face emoticon.