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What a momentous day. I am officially a published author and it feels pretty damn good, truth be told.

I’m proud of the book. It took me six and half years to write it. I hope that doesn’t build it up too much. It’s not War and Peace, or a Don DeLillo tome of biblical proportions, it’s just a dorky little book about death.

Buy a copy for your Kindle from here. It’s cheaper than a cup of coffee*, although my book doesn’t have antioxidants like coffee does. Your call I guess. You either get my book, which you can read to your spouse (if you like your spouse) but doesn’t have the antioxidants you so powerfully crave, or you can just go get the coffee and your precious antioxidants. But then you don’t get to experience my book. The choice is yours. I’ll leave it up to you.

Don’t have a Kindle? Download the e-reader for your Mac here, or your PC here.

This book will increase your life expectancy**.

And if you happen to hate your life, it will shorten it considerably***.

* Coffee is expensive where I come from

** Claim not verified

*** Ditto

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