Does Size Matter?

An age-old question, and one that many a man loses countless hours of R.E.M. sleep over: does size indeed matter?

I’m talking, of course, about trophies for professional sporting achievement.

It struck me while watching coverage for the latest Ashes series of…yawn…cricket the other day. The trophy for the series – or urn, if you will – is comically small.

Compare this to the Stanley Cup, ice hockey’s most cherished prize, and you come away with trophy envy of the highest order. It’s like half a person!

It got me thinking about other sports, and what their trophies look like.

If I were a professional athlete (and I very well could’ve been if I had any discernible talent) and my team won the coveted shiny thing, I’d want it to be slightly bigger than the Ashes urn. It looks like a wooden shot glass. I wouldn’t want to train, eat right, hone my body to be a well-oiled machine capable of reaching dizzying heights that no other cricket person could hope to touch, only to receive a thimble at the end of it.

But maybe that’s just me.