The First Review For My Book Is In!

My debut novel Canswer got a review on Amazon! Woo hoo!

Here it is, copied and pasted verbatim from the site:

4.0 out of 5 starsFunny, clever and moving — a terrific read September 7, 2013

Format:Kindle Edition
Dylan Higgins is 33 and has just learnt he’s got terminal,inoperable cancer and has only a few months to live. Doesn’t sound like a laugh riot, does it? Yet this is a very funny book, and not, or not entirely, in the defence-mechanism way. The humour is never forced; it’s is part of Dylan’s utterly convincing character, it’s his take on the world. When he doesn’t leave his doctor’s office quickly enough after the diagnosis his (totally uncaring) doctor “shoots me a look full of such potent vitriol I’m surprised that I’m not married to him.”

Unable to confide in his wife, and finding he has few real friends, Dylan simply takes off, leaves his everyday life and heads for childhood scenes. Usually I’m not all that fond of the picaresque novel, but Dylan’s encounters are so weirdly compelling, and form such an excellent satire on modern Australian life, that I could have done with more. Particularly good are the passages about Dylan’s mother’s death from cancer, and his relationship with his father.

And, throughout this well-constructed story, there is the uneasy feeling: is Dylan really a reliable narrator? The end made me wonder…

Probably we won’t be hearing any more from Dylan Higgins, but we will certainly hear more from and of B T Hogan if he keeps up this standard of writing. “Canswer” is an excellent debut, and the fact that I loved it despite several people close to me having recently had to cope with cancer says a very great deal about the book’s subtlety, and something close to melancholy enhanced rather than hidden by the jokes.

I know it’s just one review, but I’m really proud of it and happy that someone dug my book enough to give it such a glowing endorsement.
Canswer is available as an ebook on Amazon for 99c until the 27th of September. After this date it will return to its regular price of $3.99.