Anger Fear Coffee Beer

There are triggers, things that lead me to do and say all the good and bad things that I do, and there are four of them.

Anger, fear, coffee and beer. It’s almost like a mantra it rolls off the tongue so smoothly.

Four things which are probably not very healthy in combination but somehow get me through each and every day. Without them I would cease to function with any level of coherence. With them I can be difficult to deal with.

Do you see the conundrum?

What if I quit all four of these things? Would I be a better person? Are these demons that need to be slayed in order to discover true happiness? What is true happiness anyway? Did Gandhi have it? Maybe I could forsake, say, one of these things. But which one? How about anger? Fear is tougher for me to give up, it’s like my default emotion. And beer and coffee are too delicious to forgo for a long period of time.