Game 2: vs Los Angeles Lakers

The Good: Quite simply, we won. And we beat the Lakers at that. I always relish beating them. Okay, so Kobe Bean wasn’t playing, but still – I’ll take any win I can against the purple and gold. And we had no Timmy, so Even Stevens. I noticed in the highlights that Parker had a good game. Good for him.

The Bad: I didn’t actually watch the game due to League Pass not working for whatever reason. Money well spent right there.

The Ugly: Who knows? I didn’t see the game. On a sidenote, it’s less than eight weeks until Christmas and I haven’t even thought about what to buy for family. That’s ugly, or it could get that way if I don’t hit a shopping centre (or mall, for my American friends) in the near future. Yuck. T’is the season to be…I forget how the rest of that goes.

Other Notes: Before League Pass decided to not work for any logical reason, I watched most of the Miami – Brooklyn game. Things of note: I love the Barclay’s Center. It looks great in HD, the crowd seems into the games, the Nets uniforms look boss. One thing struck me though: the home team wore their away jerseys and vice versa, which I’ve noticed in a few games so far this season. I didn’t pick up on this in seasons past, which isn’t to say that it didn’t happen. Beer has eroded many useful brain cell activity over the years, and they say that picking up on minor details like NBA uniforms is the first sign of alcohol-induced mush-brain in fully formed mammals. To the game: it was pretty good, what I saw at least. These two teams have a genuine disdain for each other, and that can only be a good thing for us fans. A playoff series between these two would be intense. I like Brook Lopez and wish they’d go to him more, because I think BKN would benefit from it. I also really like Reggie Evans, and wish my Spurs had a player like him. I love undersized bigs that crash the boards and play physical on both ends. Best of all, I like that Evans clearly knows his limitations and just sticks to what his strengths are.

The Sixers are 2-0. Tank fail.