Game 4: vs Denver Nuggets

The Good: Winning a game that we had no business winning, basically. We were down for three quarters, then the Nuggets went cold in the 4th. Parker and Duncan were the difference makers in this game, as well as Boris Diaw’s energy. TD got the almost-triple double with 17 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists. His passing in the post was fantastic. He’s such a smart player. Watching JaVale McGee, I can’t help but wonder what he could do with even half of Duncan’s basketball IQ.

Also, I think Patty Mills threw his first pass of the young season! Well done Patty! Keep it up.

The Bad: Danny Green got yanked to the bench less than two minutes into this one. He’s officially in a slump. Everything he throws up looks like it’s missing. Manu had a poor game as well. They combined for 10 points on 3-16 shooting. This isn’t going to get it done. Kawhi Leonard with 14 points and 3 rebounds. I’m expecting more from him. I thought he’d make the leap this season. Maybe that’s the problem – expectations might be too high for him. He’s still young, and only just starting his third year.

The Ugly:  In the 2nd or 3rd quarter, they displayed a shot chart for Ty Lawson. Generally speaking, they show O’s and X’s to indicate makes and misses, respectively speaking. In this game, and other Nugget games this year I would assume, they showed missed in the usual fashion but for makes they put up the Ford logo. It just looked odd. Do they really think we as mind-numbingly stupid consumers are so brainwashed as to fall for such obvious and blatant product placement. Having said that, I am loving the new range that Ford are producing currently. I just might head down to my local Ford dealer and pick me up a bargain. Advertising has no effect on me. I’m immune.

Other Notes: My fantasy team, the Tuart Hill Teabaggers is now 2-1 following a 30 point win today. Paul George is my superstar and has been the difference maker in my two wins this season. I dropped Tobias Harris and Caron Butler and picked up Martell Webster and Corey Brewer.