Game 5: vs Phoenix Suns

The Good: Boris Diaw with the start over our Thirty-Six Million Dollar Man, Tiago Splitter! Good move on Pop’s part. Diaw is killing it at the moment and our offense is more fluid with him starting games.

Good to see Timmy playing in back-to-backs. I don’t think he’ll be doing that come March.

Markieff Morris killed us tonight. As a Spurs fan, this is bad. But he’s on my fantasy team, the Tuart Hill Teabaggers, and I need his production. Conflicted. By the way, I’m already regretting my choice of team name. Watching the Nuggets game last night, I came up with a zinger of a fantasy team name: The Benver Huggets. This really only works if your name is Ben or Benjamin though. From there, there are literally thousands of variations for the mascot name. I went with Huggets, but the reality is that should you be fortunate enough to both own a fantasy team and share the same first name as me, the choice is completely yours. I’ll leave it in your capable hands.

Another positive (for us): No Goran Dragic. He kills us every time. I’m still having nightmares over Game 3 in the WC semi-finals from 2010.

The Bad: Despite letting a “bad” team (projected to finish near the bottom of the conference, yet started 3-1) stay with us, I thought we played pretty well for four quarters. Certainly better than in Denver the night previous.

Another negative: back home, which means more Sean Elliott. The man is an ignoramus. At one point, after correcting the truck crew over the answer to a trivia question, Elliott mused: “You gotta cross your I’s and dot your T’s when you go up against us”. Okay, so I’m sure he was just trying to go for comedy value with that comment, but ye Gods man.

The Ugly: At first I was think the Suns new uniforms might top this list, but they don’t look so bad after all. In fact, I quite dug them by the end. But the winner tonight would have to be Miles Plumlee’s ugmo bright orange kicks. Yeesh. His game is surprisingly effective though. I like this kid. As a 36-year-old man, I give myself permission to refer to anyone five years or more my junior as “kids” without being condescending.

Other Notes: On my afternoon train commute from office to home, I was presented with a unique conundrum. If my peripherals served me correctly, an attractive young woman sat down next to me roughly halfway through my journey. Again, utilizing the aforementioned “sidevision”, I was able to ascertain that the woman had aesthetically pleasing breasts, poorly concealed by a low-cut top. Keep in mind that she was sitting to my direct right. Our shoulders were in contact. I was wearing sunglasses. Rayban aviators, prescription lenses. Now, I couldn’t just turn and openly stare – that would be rude and I ran the risk of permanent injury. The neck is a fragile body part. So I tried to make my eyeballs do the heavy lifting whilst keeping my neck perfectly still and my cranium bang-on forward-facing. I ended up straining my eyes.

The lesson: always trust your peripherals.

Warriors up next. They dangerous.