Game 11: vs Bahston Celtics

The Good: We’ve won 8 games in a row.

Kawhi Leonard’s 12 point third quarter proved to be the difference maker in this game. I think Pop got in his ear at the halftime break, after only attempting three shots in the first half. I love Kawhi but wish he would be more assertive. I know he is a reserved person by nature but his aggressiveness might be the difference between us being a champion and an also-ran.

Ginobili’s beautiful wraparound pass to Boris Diaw for the easy hoop to close the third. Exquisite.

The Bad: The first half. Ye Gods, I think there might’ve been some rust from the long break between games, because we looked awful.

Timmy’s shot looks awful to start the season. It’s flatter than usual, which to me suggests fatigue. He’s getting no lift from his legs. I’m hopeful that he’ll work out the kinks over the next couple of months. That said, every other aspect of his game remains great. His passing is superb this year, better than it’s been in years.

The Ugly: An elderly gentleman caught a Spalding to the dome after an errant pass intended for Jeff Green ricocheted off Danny Green’s leg. The man even waved off some Jeff Green love, or “dap” as we street people call it. You need to accept that if you sit courtside, chances are you will either get a ball or balls thrust at you at some point in the game. If it were me, and I took a shot to the cranium off a wayward pass and Jeff Green tried to smooth things over, I would have at the very least given him a fist bump. Worst case scenario, it’s a story to tell the grandkids in 2035.

Other Notes: The Knicks and Nets are a combined 6-16. Yikes. The winner of the Atlantic division might win 40 games this year, thereby guaranteeing a top 4 seed in the Eastern conference.