My Proudest Achievement of 2013

I “finished” GTA 5 the other day. I used air quotes because I have completed all the missions and saw the closing credits roll, but still have some other side-missions to finish off.

No matter, I consider this my greatest accomplishment of the year to date, and unless I stumble upon a cure for cancer in the next fifteen days, it will be my single proudest achievement since becoming a father in 2008. Not to diminish childbirth, but all I really did was impregnate my wife and turn up at the hospital eight months and two weeks later. Fun was had but it wasn’t all that difficult. Not compared to, say, hijacking an armored truck and walking into the world’s most secure bank to steal eight tons of gold bricks without breaking a sweat. That was truly challenging and, when it was successfully completed, totally rewarding in every sense of the word.

And then there was the tying up of loose ends after The Big Score. I was presented with three options:

  1. Kill Trevor
  2. Kill Michael
  3. Deathwish, and kill just about every other main character encountered along the way

I chose the third option. I just couldn’t bring myself to turn my back on Michael or Trevor. As Franklin, I had just mended fences with Lamar, when it appeared that all was lost with that tense friendship. To say the union was strained would be a massive understatement. I couldn’t take out Michael. He was the one that brought me in, showed me the ropes and never gave up on me when he probably should have.

And Trevor. The dude is nutso but his heart’s in the right place. His issue was with Michael and I never had any beef with him. In fact, I found his histrionics absolutely hilarious. No way I could kill that dude.

So I killed everyone else instead.

So, despite publishing my first book this year, my single greatest accomplishment of 2013, and my proudest moment, is completing this brilliant game. And now, I’m kind of sad that it’s over. Is that pathetic?