The Death of Something, The Birth of Something

I became an uncle for the first time today, at 1:18pm specifically. My brother and his wife welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world. Now my daughter has her very first cousin.

Also, I received a phone call from my daughter not long after hearing the great news of the new bundle of joy, telling me that she had just lost her first tooth! She was giddy, tripping over her words as she relayed the joy/relief at losing her first milk tooth. This is a big moment in a child’s life, especially when I explained to her that she will now grow an adult tooth to replace the new gap. She thought she was stuck with the void in her gums, and was delighted to discover that she gets a grown-up chomper to replace the redundant one. So we put a dollar coin under her pillow and tomorrow she will be told that the tooth fairy has taken the tooth and replaced it with legal tender.

And as my brother and his wife embark on the joyous/terrifying/rewarding/exhausting job that is parenthood, I wish them and their new addition nothing but happiness.