Bloated Boy’s Favorite Films of 2013…Revisited

  1. Enough Said. I loved this film. I can’t remember another movie in recent memory that I enjoyed more. The dialogue was so real and hilarious, the performances from everyone were brilliant, especially James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. It was like a breath of cinematic fresh air, a palate cleanser from all the souped-up, overhyped dreck that Hollywood threw in our faces this year. This film put me in a good mood and kept me there for the rest of the day. I was my usual grumpy self the next day, but no matter. A fantastic movie.
  2. The Spectacular Now. This one blew me away. I had absolutely no expectations going in, and what a cinematic treat it was! Instantly reminded me of an updated Say Anything, in the best way of course. Ironically enough, Miles Teller looks and acts like a young John Cusack. I was also thinking that Sutter was a modern-day Holden Caulfield, brilliant and angry at the world presented to him.
  3. Inside Llewyn Davis. Fantastic film. What it lacks in plot, it more than made up for with tone, cinematography and dialogue. Right up there with the Coen Brothers best, as far as I’m concerned. Oscar Isaac is the next big thing.
  4. Before Midnight. I professed my love for the Richard Linklater trilogy here, following the release of this. Such a fitting end (I presume, but hope they keep exploring every nine years for as long as possible) to a completely satisfying trilogy. Romantic-comedy done right, without the schmaltz.
  5. Django Unchained. Might’ve been higher, but this went downhill for me as soon as Leonardo Di Caprio turned up and started chewing the scenery. Christoph Waltz alone makes the film worth watching. Tarantino has his share of detractors, but for my money he is probably the best bet in Hollywood to make a highly entertaining (if completely implausible) movie experience.