Welcome to the Look At Me! Age

We’ve had the Age of Enlightenment. The Renaissance. The Middle Ages. Those were good times. The Space Age, if you buy any of what they’re trying to sell. I don’t, for whatever it’s worth.

The Information Age was a critical juncture in human endeavor. We let machines do complex things for us. Humans had to program the machines, sure, but once programmed the sky was the limit with this burgeoning technology. Man and machine joining forces to solve the mysteries of the universe! How divine! I am getting better at Solitaire on my Windows enabled machine, by the way. Soon I will conquer this microchipped beast and rule the galaxy in my mind.

What do we call this current time period we live in, I wonder?

MySpace is basically a relic now. Facebook, Instagram, iTunes, iChat, iPad, iPod, Selfies, Twitter – all platforms to indulge in the so-called individuality of the “we”. Like each life is so unique and interesting that it should – must – be documented.

Selfies are the ones I loath the most. The Oscar Selfie was indulgent and self-congratulatory to the point of total embarrassment. Cool photobomb by Kevin Spacey though.

People much more intelligent than me have invented these social platforms, and they’ve clearly struck some cord with humanity on varying levels.

The Information Age has laid the foundation for the current generation of self-centered, selfish people. I fear for my daughter’s future. I’m trying to raise her to be selfless in a time where this is not celebrated or nurtured.

All that work, all that technological advancement, and for what? So the world can discover what you ate for breakfast that day? So we can learn that your cat named Mittens likes to sit on your lap while you watch TV? Brilliant.

How far have we really come as a species? Modern technology makes me wonder. I’m sure your Eggs Hollandaise is absolutely as delicious as it appears on your close up photograph, but is it enhancing life in any way to share it with the world? Nah.

The question is: have we become self-centered due to these online platforms, or were we always this way and the Internet simply afforded humanity with the opportunity to live their lives like an open book for all to read?