Louis CK is a Freaking Genius

I’m on board with FX’s Louie. I was indifferent following Season 1, but ever since I’ve lapped up every episode and begged for more.

The term “genius” is handed out too haphazardly these days. It seems that if you can work Autotune and Twitter simultaneously you’re branded some sort of modern-day demigod. And why not? Technology can be tough. I’m still learning how to use a dishwasher effectively.

But Louis CK is the real deal.

Every time I watch a new episode of Louie, I’m concerned that I might have a panic attack at any moment, and I kind of like the feeling. It seems like at some point the entire tone can shift and enter into something weird and beautiful. He writes so perfectly about what it’s like to raise daughters, and the requisite terror/joy it brings to every decent man. I only wish I could write with as much depth and honesty.

Lay it down, CK. You’re killing it right now.