USA Trip, October 14th 2001: Journal Entry #2

Journal Entry #1 is here.

We checked out of the hotel and into our hostel today. It’s ironic but the hostel is much nicer (and in a much better area) than the hotel. The hostel is in Fort Mason, which is a great area.

We walked to the Golden Gate Bridge today. It took us a long time but it was worth it. I took a few snapshots of the bridge. Five minutes from our hostel is a 24 hour Safeway, which is handy. In the afternoon we headed over to Lombard Street, which is the famous windy road. It was a visual feast. It was here that Ivan tripped over for the first time. We bought some beer from Safeway and drank them on the bench out the front of our hostel. A German man joined us soon after. We headed to this bar at about 10pm. This place was very seedy. We played some pool. Dave wanted to go there because there were two dollar pints of Guinness. They had Caffrey’s there, so I was happy.

We went outside and there were weirdos everywhere [2014 Me interjection: It begins]. This one guy was on something; he was bugging out. This Spanish [2014 Me interjection: more than likely he was South American in origin, and spoke Spanish] guy wanted me to hit him in the stomach, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it [2014 Me interjection: this possibly had something to do with valuing my own life]. The city is full of bums and weirdos [2014 Me interjection: I still haven’t head back from that job at the UN. I applied over a decade ago, you’d think I would’ve heard back by now]. I’m fairly open-minded but it’s all too much for me.

San Fran is nowhere near what I imagined it would be. I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed by it; I guess I just thought it would be different. I would never move here. We left that crap bar and tried to find something better but had no luck. Dave and I were very drunk. We all walked home. Dave and I walked to Safeway and got some food [2014 Me interjection: I can’t believe I didn’t expand on this at the time. So, we bought some burritos and a couple of Corona’s. Unbeknownst to us, because of our drunken state/stupidity, the burritos were frozen. So we headed back to the hostel and into the kitchen, where we attempted to defrost/cook them in the microwave. After 30 seconds or three minutes (again, inebriation/stupidity strikes), we found that we had burritos that were volcanic in temperature on the outside and glacier level frozen in the middle. I promptly gave up on mine, fearing a trip to the emergency room if I proceeded, but my friend was not giving in so easily. He tried to eat his and got about halfway through before throwing the remains in a nearby shrub. We then finished our beers and called it a night. We stumbled into our room, which we were sharing with our friend Ivan (long since asleep) and a stranger from another land. We were drunk and making a racket as we settled in for the evening, laughing and tripping over things on the floor. At one point, the foreigner pleaded “its night!” in an accent that we couldn’t decipher. I guess he was complaining that we were making too much noise at such an ungodly hour. He was right of course, and we were being dicks. Regardless, for the rest of the trip (and even several months after the fact) we would randomly ape his protest for the amusement of each other].