USA Trip, October 15th 2001: Journal Entry #3

Journal Entry #1 is here.

Journal Entry #2 is here.

I didn’t wake up until 2pm today [2014 Me interjection: Why, when in a strange new world I slept until mid-afternoon I will never understand. The 37 year old me looks down his nose at the 24 year old version]. Thankfully I didn’t have much of a hangover [2014 Me interjection: Fool. Just wait until 37. You don’t know what pain is until you experience a hangover at 37].

I freshened up and we went into the city to watch Serendipity, John Cusack’s latest [I had a non-sexual mancrush on Cusack back then. I aped his every habit/gesture/way of talking. Hopefully it was slightly less creepy than it sounds]. The film was very good [2014 Me interjection: it wasn’t]. Kate Beckinsale played his love interest. She is such a fucking babe. Speaking of which, the women of San Fran aren’t very good. I haven’t noticed any gays, but then again I haven’t been looking [2014 Me interjection: I seem suspiciously defensive here].

My feelings haven’t changed much about this city; Americans are way too loud and annoying. I haven’t had a real conversation with locals yet but just from dealing with them on a customer/cashier basis, we are having communication difficulties [2014 Me interjection: Way to form an opinion on an entire nation based solely on the people that work at Safeway]. America so far is pleasant enough, I just wish I could turn the volume down. Ivan and Dave went out on the town tonight. I stayed in and had an early night.