Further Evolution of A Book Cover

I just can’t seem to decide on a final cover for my debut novel, Canswer.

Here is what I started with:


I liked it at the time; I felt it encapsulated the loneliness and isolation of the main character, as well as being two big themes of the story itself. But someone commented that it looks like a story about aliens, and it gave me pause for thought. So I went back to the drawing board:

canswer cover

Another attempt, another cover that makes it look like I’m writing about otherworldly beings. I don’t know what I was trying with this. I don’t really like the font, and it looks quite bad when reduced to thumbnail size. This one didn’t last too long on the Amazon “shelves” before I was thinking of redesign.

Next up:

canswer cover new

I liked this one at the time, and still do in a sense. I blatantly ripped off the concept from “Hank Moody’s” novel called God Hates Us All. I like the idea of red, black and white together. Hopefully this doesn’t make me a Nazi sympathizer. I think I’m okay. But I got rid of this one too. I like the font, I like the simplicity of the design, but I just wanted something with more…zing. This was my first time out at bat, as it were and I needed to make an impression.

Which leads us to:

woman in grief

The design that I used for the past nine months or so. The photo is of a tomb in a cemetery, and what with Canswer being almost entirely about death, I felt it conveyed the message I was trying to spread. Then someone commented that it looked like the cover of a historical fiction novel, and I had to reconsider. At closer inspection, I tend to agree.

And so here we have it, my latest (and hopefully final) cover design!

Canswer Cover