Pay What You Want For My Books

I wrote two books. One is a 200 page novel about terminal illness, death and the family construct. It is a comedy. A dark one. It’s called Canswer.

The other is a short story, an oral account of a family as their youngest son gets married. It’s called What Love Becomes. It is a quick read at 40 pages.

Both are available as ebooks on Amazon.

At this early stage in my writing career, I care more about people reading my books than I do making money off them. I want them to be absorbed, ripped apart (metaphorically, as physical might be difficult), adored, dismissed, whatever.

I want you, dear readers, to read them.

And, being a fan of Radiohead from back in the day, I am going to borrow an idea that they had for 2007’s In Rainbows.

My books will be available for whatever you want to pay for them. Want to pay me absolutely nothing? Go right ahead. Want to pay me $58.45? Be my guest, though I would query your mental state if you did.

This is only available through my site. If you try to get my books through Amazon you will pay the normal price.

Note that this is only available for Kindle e-readers. So if you’re keen, drop me an email at ben (dot) thomas (dot) hogan (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send you the raw files. If you want to pay something for the books, you can deposit to my PayPal account using the aforementioned email address.

Happy trails!