You’re The Worst, Skeleton Twins, Johnny Marr’s Guitar

So I recently plowed through the first season of FX’s You’re The Worst. What a fucking fantastic show! Finally, a program that depicts real human relationships complete with total fuck ups, cat theft and sex toys wrapped in Christmas lights! I’m struggling to recall the last time a show grabbed my interest as much as this one has. I hope there is plenty more where that came from.

I caught The Skeleton Twins on the weekend. It was pretty good, a bit more sombre than I was expecting going in. The preview seemed to focus more on the comedic moments rather than the depressing elements, which makes sense from a marketing perspective but was a tad misleading. Bill Hader saved this for me. Kristen Wiig was great also but it was Hader’s utterly convincing portrayal of a failed actor that lifted the entire film in my estimation. Luke Wilson was typically brilliant as the dull, outdoorsy husband to Wiig’s depressed nymphomaniac character. Bad Australian accent (I assume that’s what he was attempting) by the dude that played the hotshot diving instructor.

I recently discovered that former Smiths axeman Johnny Marr is performing live in my area in early 2015. I am pretty sure that I don’t like live music very much but I am psyched for Marr’s tour, I must admit. Perhaps this is due in part to the fact that the promoter is giving one lucky punter the chance to win Marr’s signature Fender guitar, valued at $3,500. I need that guitar. I am no proficient player – far from it, in fact – but I simply must have that axe. It looks pretty and I’m convinced it will make me a better player.