My Advice? Keep Writing as a Hobby

Something I’ve learned in recent months to ensure that you retain love for a hobby/pastime is to not attach commerce to it. Take writing, for example. I love it, though that love is certainly fading as of late.

Allow me to elaborate. Writing, for me, is very therapeutic. I feel that in my everyday life, I have little control. Not complaining, it’s just the way it is. With writing, I am the King of whatever universe I happen to be delving into. I love it. No one tells me how to write, what to write, when to write. That’s all on me and it suits my disposition.

But the industry sucks balls. It just does. Traditional publishers won’t take a chance on anything unproven or slightly different, and I get that it’s a business like anything else, but this is not what writing or art should be about. Art is about taking chances. That’s the whole point. Art is ripping out your guts and dropping them on the table, then letting everyone else decide what it is and whether it has any worth.

I’ve self-published two books so far. Writing them wasn’t so difficult. Getting the word out has been. I’ve tried going on the Amazon forums to discuss selling books but the backbiting and bitterness in there put me off.

Maybe I need to keep writing as a hobby that may eventually pay dividends. Perhaps this way I will retain a sense of joy with the whole process.