I am almost speechless. I am devoid of speech. Having just watched (endured?) Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest, Inherent Vice, I am left wondering how I can get those two and a half hours of my life back.

What an incoherent, rambling piece of shit of a film. I was planning on reading the book on which it was based, but I don’t need to do that anymore. Inherent Vice was so bad, I’m actually questioning Anderson’s past work. Was he ever a good filmmaker or did he have the world fooled? I recently revisited Boogie Nights and that is a work of pure genius. Magnolia is very good too, overpraised generally but a well made movie. I might have to watch There Will Be Blood and The Master again though. I enjoyed The Master when I saw it in the cinemas, but that was all Philip Seymour Hoffman. I never really took to There Will Be Blood, to me it had all the indications of an epic but it never quite made it for me.

Paul Thomas Anderson is at a point in his career where we could literally point a camera at Joaquin Phoenix getting a colonoscopy and his fans will declare it genius. That’s an enviable position to anyone that creates art for a living. Put anything out into the world, and let them apply meaning to it, even if there is no meaning to speak of.

Inherent Vice was lazy filmmaking to me, the work of a man resting on his laurels. The entire time I’m watching it, I’m thinking to myself that it’s just a shittier version of a much better film: The Big Lebowski.

I saw Bob Dylan play live a few years ago. Talk about a man resting on his laurel’s, yikes. He barely acknowledged the crowd, had his back to the audience for most of the half hour set. Everyone cheered anyway.