What Love Becomes

So I wrote another book, this one is called What Love Becomes.

It is a short story (40 pages), written in the oral history style. Think Chuck Palahniuk’s Rant or Snuff.

It’s about relationships and families and people getting married and divorced. It’s about children and strippers and the consuming of illicit substances.


I’m proud of it, and I had a blast writing it. Hopefully you have an equally good time reading it.

Here is the cover, designed by yours truly:

WLB Cover 2015

Here is a picture of my cat (more specifically, my daughter’s cat):


Her name is Waffle, and she gave the book two non-opposable thumbs up, claiming that it was “funny, clever and moving”. She’s usually a tough sell, so I was mighty chuffed that she dug my creative output. She is currently licking her genitalia in the corner of the room. Take from that what you will.

Back to the whoring selling. The book is available as an ebook here.

Happy trails!